Why does it work?


  • Remove ALL of your makeup Easily and Quickly Unlike with rough washcloths and towels. Your skin deserves better than that!
  • Our ZeroWasteFace pad is made out of specially engineered soft fibers that easily remove impurities, and are activated with just Warm Water!
  • Easily clean your face without any Chemicals that could Irritate and Damage your skin.
  • Prevent Acne and Hyper pigmentation caused by the harsh chemicals in makeup wipes and rough fibers from washcloths.
  • Minimize your contribution to Pollution!

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Case Study: Traditional wipes only smear makeup all over your face and leave a large amount of product stuck in your pores that will cause Permanent Skin Damage!

Our Reusable Makeup Remover reaches Deep Into The Skin Pores picking up all the impurities leaving it flawless.

Reusable Makeup Removal Puff